Hidden costs of Renewable Energy 

CLIENT Matthew Osborne, Naho Mirumachi, Jed Stevenson & Immo Eulenberger - Stockholm Environmental Institute 
YEAR 2022
MY ROLE Script writing - Concept - Art direction -  Design - Animation - Sound design
DELIVERABLES Explainer video





Together with Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), I created 2 explainer videos to visually support their research projectaround Conflict Prevention and Low-Carbon Development. 

Explainer Video I

In this first video we made a visualisation of the abstract of one of their research papers. This video serves as an introduction to the overall research project and talks about the hidden costs of renewable energy. There are different factors that come into play when creating a renewable energy project. Often the intersections of those different factors are being missed and that messages is at the core of their findings and the heart of this video.  

Script, Art Direction, Storyboarding & Design by Coralie Legrand
Animation by Terri Marnapath Muangkote & Coralie Legrand

Explainer Video II

The second video we created, talks about the impacts of large dams on flood recession farming, a farming technique that is vital to local communities in East-Africa. 
Large dams are being built for renewable energy but they often also interrupt the natural floods of the rivers, breaking the cycles of natural flooding that occurs. 
This puts a lot of river-dependent people at risk when it comes to food security, as they heavily rely on these traditional farming techniques. 

Script, Art Direction, Storyboarding & Design by Coralie Legrand
Animation by Andrew Montpetit

A selection of still frames

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