Objects & Sounds


Objects & Sounds is a Ghent-based record store and label that celebrates everyday moods and boundless creative expression.
Their handpicked selection of objects & sounds are catered to
every mood, because ‘every mood is a good mood’.
They also collaborate with independent artists, labels and makers from around the world for different multi-disciplinary projects. 

I created a few different items for them, based on their branding. 

The first one was a Christmas video, to spread some holiday joy.
I collaborated with artist Adam Highton, who created illustrations based on every mood. I brought them alive through animation and used storytelling to bring everything together. 

For their one year anniversary also I created two videos for their website and social media. 

Lastly I created social media templates they can use to showcase mood lists and records. The templates are set up in a modular way, giving them the opportunity to change pictures, texts, pick the
right mood line or invert the colors. 


2020 - 2021

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